Tire Repair Services in Selkirk

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Whether you drive a car, truck or a minivan, vehicle maintenance is important. Without it, your otherwise smooth ride could end up being a bit bumpy. Selkirk Diesel Repair & Auto Care Centre offers tire repair services in Selkirk.

Our tire services include:

  • Tire balance
  • Tire swap
  • Tire installation
  • Tire repair
  • Front-end alignment
  • Tire rotation

From oil changes to alignments, your car needs to be serviced regularly. Not to be forgotten is having the front end of your vehicle inspected and aligned.

Having your vehicle inspected by a Selkirk Diesel Repair technician on a regular basis is a great way to ensure that your front end is in good shape and keeping you safe behind the wheel. Bring your vehicle into our shop today.

Tire Rotation

Rotating the tires on a regular basis will significantly extend their lifespan. The car's four tires wear out differently. If one tire wears out more than the others, the car will start pulling in the direction of the newer tires. For example, if you let go of the steering wheel when driving, (only for a moment!), the car should continue to go in a straight line. If the tires have worn out differently, the car will not travel in a straight line. It will drift in the direction of the better tire. This is also the reason why when you buy new tires, it is best to buy them in pairs. Rotating your tires will help even out tire wear by allowing each tire to serve in as many of the vehicles wheel positions as possible.

Winter Tire Program

We will confirm your eligibility and complete the loan authorization through Manitoba Public Insurance. You will need to provide your vehicle registration and Manitoban driver’s license. You can then select a financing term between one and four years and a monthly payment withdrawal day. We also offer Seasonal Tire Storage for both Summer and Winter tires, making your Tire Swap even more convenient. 

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